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How to Make Tiger Nut Drink: A Refreshing and Nutritious Beverage

Tiger nut drink, also known as Kunu Aya, is a delicious and healthy beverage popular in many parts of Africa. This natural drink is packed with nutrients and is a great alternative to sugary sodas and juices.

Follow these simple steps to make your tiger nut drink at home.


  • – 2 cups of Tiger Nuts (Dried or Fresh)
  • – 1 medium Ginger
  • – 10 Dates (or less, according to taste)
  • – 1 Coconut (crack the shell and extract the flesh for blending)
  • – 1 Banana


**Step 1: Soak the Tiger Nuts**
– If using dried tiger nuts, soak them in clean water overnight. Fresh tiger nuts do not need soaking.

**Step 2: Prepare the Ingredients**
– Rinse the soaked tiger nuts and place them in a blender.
– Remove the seeds from the dates, wash them, and add them to the blender.
– Peel and dice the coconut and banana, then add them to the blender.
– Add the skinned ginger and a little water or coconut water for easier blending.

**Step 3: Blend and Strain**
– Blend all the ingredients until smooth.
– Using a pap or cheesecloth, strain the milk into a bowl. The first strained milk will be thick.
– Place the remaining pulp back into the blender, add more water, blend again, and strain. Repeat until all the milk is extracted. For best taste, ensure the final drink is not too diluted.

**Step 4: Chill the Drink**
– Place the extracted milk drink in a refrigerator to chill.

**Step 5: Serve and Enjoy**
– Serve the tiger nut drink cold.

Your sweet, yummy drink is ready to enjoy! This refreshing beverage is perfect for hot days and is a healthy alternative to conventional soft drinks. Enjoy the natural sweetness and creamy texture of your homemade tiger nut drink!

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